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BMW Juniors take on training camp

BMW junior Ricky collard and fellow juniors took on a training camp with formula medicine in Pisa Italy.

For the fourth consecutive year, BMW Motorsport relies on Formula Medicine for the support at the racing tracks and for the preparation of the drivers. In the past few days the BMW Juniors have carried out an intensive training camp of one week in Formula Medicine, where they did a complete medical check-up and a series of evaluations and physical and mental workouts.

With the new “Mental Economy Gym”, inaugurated by the BMW drivers, it was possible to create a series of training sessions in competition, aimed at training the main mental peculiarities such as concentration, attention, coordination, reaction time and control of anxiety and tensions.

The drivers also did a lot of different outdoor activities, such as Cross-Fit, running on the beach, biking, rock climbing and martial arts that completed the program of the 2018 fitness camp



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