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The Collard Racing family was started by Grandfather Mick "Duffy" Collard and is a legacy that has lived for over 60 years. Mick was a factory racing driver for Ford back in the 70's and 80's. Duffy made quite a name for himself and became a controversial character in an era of the greats, racing against F1 drivers such as Martin Brundle, Derek Warwick and many others. Duffy grew up on a pig farm, farming by day and racing by night, he was always a big hit with the crowd with his down to earth personality. The following Duffy had was huge and after winning the World Championship back in 1980 Duffy became a movie star when a documentary was aired in the cinema giving fans more of an insight into the life he lived. Click on the link below to see some of the 1980 Hot Rod World Championship. The passion Duffy had for motorsport is there for all to see and his motivation to win created a character many still talk about today. Duffy's famous move for the lead where he goes sideways down the inside with the commentator saying "He's even got time to wave! what a character! what a boy!" is the stuff of legend. We're still not sure exactly what Duffy was waving at when he went past but the character of the man was something that he's passed down the generations to Rob, Ricky and Jordan.

Hot Rod 1980 World Final

Hot Rod 1980 World Final

Meet the Drivers

Rob Collard

Ricky Collard

Jordan Collard

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